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Journal Publications

Daoqiang Zhang*, Jiashuang Huang, Biao Jie, Junqiang Du, Liyang Tu, Mingxia Liu*.  Ordinal Pattern: A New Descriptor for Brain Connectivity Networks. IEEE transactions on medical imaging, 2018, 37(7): 1711-1722.    [download]

Muhammad Yousefnezhad, Sheng-Jun Huang, Daoqiang Zhang*.  WoCE: a framework for clustering ensemble by exploiting the wisdom of Crowds theory. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2018, 48(2): 486-499.    [download]

Biao Jie, Mingxia Liu, Daoqiang Zhang*, Dinggang Shen*.  Sub-network Kernels for Measuring Similarity of Brain Connectivity Networks in Disease Diagnosis. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2018, 27(5): 2340-2353.    [download]

Qi Zhu, Jiuwen Zhu, Mingxia Liu, Xijia Xu, Daoqiang Zhang.  Multi-Region Correlation Based Functional Brain Network for Disease Diagnosis and Cognitive States Detection. IEEE Access, 2018, 6: 78065-78076.    [download]

Daoqiang Zhang, Liyang Tu, Long-Jiang Zhang, Biao Jie, Guang-Ming Lu.  Subnetwork mining on functional connectivity network for classification of minimal hepatic encephalopathy. Brain imaging and behavior, 2018, 12(3): 901-911.    [download]

Xiaoke Hao, Xiaohui Yao, Shannon L Risacher, Andrew J Saykin, Jintai Yu, Huifu Wang, Lan Tan, Li Shen, Daoqiang Zhang.  Identifying candidate genetic associations with MRI-derived AD-related ROI via tree-guided sparse learning. IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics, 2018, 16(6): 1986-1996.    [download]

Conference Publications

 Dao-Qiang Zhang, Zhi-Hua Zhou, SongCan Chen.  Adaptive kernel principal component analysis with unsupervised learning of kernels.  Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM'06), Hong Kong, China. IEEE, 2006, pp.1178-1182.                     [download]

 Dao-Qiang Zhang, Zhi-Hua Zhou, SongCan Chen.  Non-negative matrix factorization on kernels.  Proceedings of the 9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PRICAI'06), Guilin, China, LNAI 4099.2006, pp.404-412. ( This paper won the Best Paper Award at PRICAI'06) [download]

 Dao-Qiang Zhang, SongCan Chen, Zhi-Hua Zhou.  Recognizing face or object from a single image: Linear vs. kernel methods on 2D patterns.  Proceedings of the Joint IAPR International Workshops on Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition and Statistical Techniques in                     Pattern Recognition (S+SSPR'06), in conjunction with ICPR'06, Hong Kong, China, LNCS 4109.2006, pp.889-897.                     [download]

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